Información Institucional


Ciudadanía, Community for Social Studies and Political Action, is a non-profit, private civil association dedicated to the production of socially relevant knowledge, dialogue and public action to facilitate, promote and influence social processes aimed at improving the quality of life of Bolivians who suffer some form of exclusion, through the exercise of citizenship. 

Ciudadanía was founded on June 9th, 2004, in Cochabamba, Bolivia. It was created through the initiative of a group of professionals with recognized academic and work experience in their fields. Their prestige is supported by their work for more than a decade in social programs and projects related to regional and municipal initiatives, by their scholarly research contributions (research, teaching and publications), by the practical results of their elaboration and monitoring of strategic plans for local and sectorial development and in strengthening processes that support the exercise of citizens’ rights and obligations.  


Ciudadania is a non-profit organization that works for citizens’ democracy and the respect for and  observance of human rights by generating synergies between public and private actors in the economic and social sectors, among others, thereby contributing to the equity and inclusion of disadvantaged groups of citizens.

To achieve this mission, Ciudadania articulates the generation of knowledge with public action in local and regional spaces, in coordination with civil society organizations, private entities and state institutions.

The values that guide the mission are:

  • Solidarity with vulnerable groups. .
  • Tolerance, understood as a basic principal of respect towards groups and individuals who hold different positions, ideas, and beliefs.
  • Pluralism, understood as the recognition of the diversity that enriches the human experience.
  • Civility, understood as respect towards institutions and rules, with the goal of harmonious coexistence.  


Ciudadanía has become a nationwide example for its interdisciplinary research on regional studies, democracy, citizenship and equity and is a regionally recognized center for the promotion of citizen participation and the revitalization of public space. We have contributed to the deepening of democracy and the promotion of local and regional development by encouraging active citizenship and developing human resources with fairness and respect for the environment. 


  • To establish a line of institutional research in regional studies that encourages reflection and discussion of new territorial dynamics and regional institutional framework and contributes to decision making for regional development with equity.  


  • To improve citizens’ capacity for cooperation and advocacy in public administration, to promote the observance of constitutional rights, to contribute to the inclusion of disadvantaged groups of citizens through the exercise of effective citizenship.


  • To contribute to deepening citizen-centered democracy through the production and dissemination of useful knowledge, that stimulates the public space, in order to promote a culture of transparency and the consolidation of the new institutional framework.